Google Ads problem of Groupe Rousso

Google Ads problem

Google ads can be a big problem for a lot of businesses. Lack of performance, lack of conversion, high CPC, etc. When Groupe Rousso came to us, they were in need of an agency that could help them with their ads. The previous agency had been wasting money and wasn’t providing any results for their ads investments. The CPC was high, the conversion was low and overall a disaster for their target audience.

The solutions

Our client had a their goal set. They wanted to boost their online traffic with an ad budget of 2000$ per month and they turned out not be able do that without our help! We optimized the ads for Google Adwords so it would maximize its potential audience while also being cost-effective enough that they could afford them every month.

When we noticed that the keywords in their campaigns didn’t lined up with who they were needed to target. We did a detailed analysis of what keywords would be most beneficial for their google ads and implemented them into future google ads ad sets so every dollar spent on google ads goes right where it should!

Google Ads results for Groupe Rousso - AA Digital Marketing your digital marketing agency in montreal


Increase of traffic

They have been having over 3k monthly clicks on their website with less than their ad budget.

Lower cost per click

The cost per click decreased 60% after we implemented the new advertising strategy

Website optimization

We analyzed Groupe Rousso’s website and found that there were a lack of call-to actions which led to low conversions on the site. Now we are redoing their whole thing so they can get more customers through increased conversion rates!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to partner with us and see your Google Ads results skyrocket? We understand that making a decision about working with a digital marketing agency can be tough, but we’re confident that our team has the skillset and drive to help your business grow. Plus, we offer a free consultation so you can get to know us better without any pressure. Let’s get your journey started today!