Case Study

The Challenge

When Groupe Rousso came to us, they were in need of an agency that could help them with their online traffic. The previous agency had been wasting money and wasn’t providing any results for Google ads investments.


The company had a new goal in mind. They wanted to boost their online traffic with an ad budget of 2000$ per month and they turned out not be able do that without help from us! We optimized the ads for Google Adwords so it would maximize its potential audience while also being cost-effective enough that you can afford them every month.


When we noticed that the keywords in their campaign didn’t line up with who they were targeting, we did a detailed analysis of what keywords would be most beneficial and implemented them into future ad sets targeted at this audience so every dollar spent goes right where it should!

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Groupe Rousso


March 2022


Google Ads

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Look how fast growth our company!


The part we like the most!

  • Increase of traffic

    They have been having over 2k clicks on their website with less than their ad budget.

  • Lower cost per click

    The cost per click decreased 40% for our clients after we implemented the new advertising strategy

  • Website optimization

    We analyzed Groupe Rousso's website and found that there were a lack of call-to actions which led to low conversions on the site. Now we are building them a whole new website so they can get more customers through increased conversion!

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