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No headaches!

Our digital marketing agency in Montreal is here to make your life easier! Let us handle it all so you don't have worry about anything, just sit back and watch as we work our magic on social media.

The Big Ideas.

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and you may be feeling like your ideas for new campaigns are getting stale. That's why our digital team has the knack to come up with fresh approaches that will work well in an increasingly competitive market!

Creative Solutions.

We are your digital marketing agency! We'll help you find the solution to all of those creative problems. Whether it's making a site look better or presenting business online, our team can do either one justice with their expertise in design and knowledge about internet marketing strategies like SEO (search engine optimization).


Our Services for clients

Social Media Marketing

If you want to succeed in this competitive market, then social media marketing is a necessity. It's one of the first doors that potential customers will come through when they're looking for something new and your business should always be ready with content on hand!


The process of building a strong brand starts with every detail. That's why we are here for you! Our team will make sure that our clients' brands stand out from the competition and generate more attention than ever before in order to help them succeed at what they do best - providing excellent service or selling products

Web Design | Development

Building a website is like creating an entryway for your business. The more detailed and comprehensive it can be, the better! People want to know everything about their potential products or services before investing time into them- so give them all that they need right away on site

Content Creation

High-quality content is a must for any business these days. If you want customers to choose your company over others, then it's critical that they see high quality material from the get go!

Business Strategy

aWe have the perfect solution for you! Your business is just not sustainable and isn't reaching its full potential. That's where our team comes in with an innovative strategy that will take your company to new heights, literally (and figuratively). So what are waiting on? Let us help transform struggling businesses into thriving ones today by calling AA Digital Marketing.


The future of your company depends on how well you advertise! Do not make the mistake of missing out this opportunity in 2022. Whether it be a small or large budget, our digital marketing experts will help get customers flooding into stores all around Laval and Montreal - so call us today to get your journey started!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to ranking on the top page for your organic search keywords, you can't afford not be at or near first place! We'll help make sure that we rank well and give a good percentage boost so visitors find what they're looking for.

Our Clients

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We are more than digital agency

Team Work

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Who we are

AA Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency that offers affordable new solutions to local and international businesses. They were founded in 2020 by experts with years of experience, providing an enhanced level of expertise for any company looking into climbing the rankings on search engines like Google or increasing their online visibility through social media campaigns and much more!

Our philosophy

Trust is the most important thing to us. We work hard for our clients and build long lasting business relationships because we believe in honesty above all else!

How we work

We're an all-inclusive marketing agency that wants to help you simplify your digital presence with easy access services. You will be assigned a project manager who can take care of everything from social media, SEO or web design - whatever is needed!

Our Awards

We have been nominated top agency in multiple fields


We are more than digital agency

Great service! they know what they do! I have been working with them for 2 years now and have been having amazing results! They built a new website, manage the social media platforms for my business and they run crazy advertisement campaigns! I am fully booked since we've been working with them! Recommend 100%

Juan Gil

This team is great for all your marketing needs! They helped us understand what we really needed to optimize our goals as a business. They made everything and anything easy as can be for us!

Priscilla Medeiros

Amazing service! Took the time to understand our products and needs. Always on the ball.

Mouna Haidar

Súper happy with the result 🤩🤩 highly recommended! Professional attentive and very meticulous with details !!! 💯 recommended ♥ ️🤩

Julissa Santos

Excellent service I recommend @ 100%. An asset for my social networks !!

Christian Vasquez

Thanks to AA Digital Marketing's efforts, they have gone above and beyond to exceed the client's business goals. Their team's project management has been effective and has ensured the project's success. They have been adaptable to the client's suggestions and expectations.

Carlos Ramirez